ROBOGO MTU for Ukraine

ROBOGO MTU for Ukraine

Since 2014, the ROBOGO MTU team has been organizing leisure activities for children: hobby classes (robotics, 3D modelling, Estonian language in a playful way for preschoolers) and city camps during school holidays.

In 2022, the issue of launching charitable programs for children in difficult life situations became more pressing than ever, so the team launched the first charitable shifts of city camps for children of war refugees from Ukraine.

Over time, this initiative transformed into the idea of ​​launching a permanent leisure centre for children from Ukraine, where war refugees with relevant experience and education work.

Thus, ROBOGO MTU help children and support creation of new jobs for refugees from Ukraine in Tallinn.

Oracle Capital Group supports the ROBOGO MTU centre. We think it is important to actively sustain a competent center working with Ukrainian families to help children integrate into local schools and continue their studies.