Opening a foreign company

Incorporation of foreign companies and partnerships

Wealth structuring and asset protection strategies

Services of professional directors, nominee shareholders, company secretary, assistance with board and shareholder meetings

Accounting services and filing of annual reports

Company is not deemed to be a resident in the country of its registration

Information relating to activities of the company remains strictly confidential

Owners of the company are not deemed to be residents of the country where the company is registered solely by virtue of their ownership of shares

The company does not conduct business in the country of its registration

Any income due to the activities of the company and all of its assets are located outside of the territory of its incorporation

The company is managed from outside of the territory of its incorporation

In most cases, the company is exempt from all income and dividend taxes in the country of its incorporation

There is no requirement to hold shareholder meetings

The company's head office is located in the country where all business operations are conducted

International project finance opportunity (OR: Opportunity to finance international projects).

Benefits for the customer:

New market expansion opportunities, favourable terms of trade

Easy administration of the company, no minimum capital requirement to register the company

Effective tax planning and mitigation

Asset protection against commercial risks

The assurance of confidentiality for owners and directors of the company (nominee directors and shareholders can be appointed to protect the anonymity of beneficial owners). Most offshore jurisdictions will not share information about the beneficial owners of the company, except for cases where a criminal activity is suspected.

Improving business credibility and strategic positioning of the company

Holding tools for transferring assets and dividend payments

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