Founded in 2002, ORACLE CAPITAL GROUP provides a full range of consulting services, including immigration support, company incorporation, virtual office services, asset financing and insurance, corporate legal services, property search and acquisition.

We adopt a unique approach to consulting, promoting the highest standards of international ethics and professional excellence, which allows us to offer our clients comprehensive, tailored and confidential services.

ORACLE CAPITAL GROUP has gained a unique and extensive experience in a range of matters, and particular expertise in helping families from emerging economy and developing countries relocate to Great Britain providing assistance with all practical and legal matters.

If your plan is to move to Great Britain, we will help you resolve any practical and legal matters in relation to relocation of your family, alongside other issues relating to business administration and management in this country.

ORACLE CAPITAL GROUP has been operating on the market for 20 years, which means that it has gained a substantial experience. We know that every client is unique and so are their demands, and it is the individual approach that distinguishes us from other companies.

ORACLE CAPITAL GROUP successfully works with both individual and corporate clients, who can purchase our services either separately or in a package depending on their requirements. We approach issues not only from the legal side, but also offer practical commercial solutions. We aim to find the most effective solution in the shortest possible time. Our results are our advantage!

Social Responsibility

Oracle Capital Group believes that only through active involvement in the lives of others a person can enrich their own lives. For this reason, Oracle Capital Group provides active support to a number of organisations and charities, whose missions lie close to our hearts.

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