Legal Case Management

The legal service industry, just like many service industries, places the end-user at an inherent disadvantage when dealing with service providers. That is because clients aren’t normally informed about the law and must rely entirely on trusting their legal advisors. As a result, legal cases can be dragged out by lawyers at significant costs to the client, which may lead to serious consequences.

As one would hire a project manager to ensure that a house is built within a specified time and to an agreed budget, so too our legal case management service provides you with an assurance that the lawyer who we select to provide you with advice and representation, has not only the best success record in your type of legal matter, but will provide their services efficiently, to an agreed time and cost schedule.

Top Experienced Lawyers

After assessing your legal requirements we source the most experienced lawyers with verifiable track records in your type of case.

Cost and Time Efficiency

We closely monitor every aspect of your legal case as well as manage your communication with the lawyer to ensure your matter is resolved with utmost efficiency.

Our Guarantee

Because we undertake meticulous research to ensure that the lawyers we recommend are best suited to your case, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome of your case or we’ll pay your legal fees.

Rapoport’s Directory

We have an exclusive alliance with the world’s leading authority on lawyers. Dr. Yuri Rapoport SJD B.Sc, renowned as the father of legal referral services, has spent the past 18 years compiling a directory on world’s leading legal specialists. Constantly tracking the professional activities of individual consultants in all areas of law Dr. Rapoport, as our partner, is able to pin point with precision legal advisors who are best suited to your legal requirements.

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