Cyprus: Citizenship by Immigration

Cyprus: Citizenship by Immigration

Cyprus citizenship is one of the most attractive options for EU immigration.

Application processing time*

  • 6 months

Minimum time to qualify for citizenship

  • 6 month

Main program benefits

    • Citizenship is granted to the entire family, including spouse, children, adult dependants up to the age of 28, and parents
    • The right to live, work, study and retire anywhere in the EU
    • There is no physical presence required prior, during or after citizenship is obtained, other than a one day visit to provide biometrics
    • Citizenship is granted for life and is transferable to descendants

Minimum capital requirements for single applicant

  • € 2 million (in residential real estate)

Term of main option

  • Three years
  • Details of requirements

    • Option 1 – € 2 million investment in residential real estate (plus VAT if applicable)
    • Option 2 – € 2.5 million in combination of investments (plus VAT if applicable), of any of the following:
      • Real estate including residential, commercial, infrastructure
      • Creation,participation or acquisition in a Cypruscompany
      • Cyprus government bonds (to a maximum of € 500,000)
      • Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) or Cyprus entity of financial assets which are CySEC regulated, with activities in Cyprus

    The right to travel visa-free

    • 159 countries, including Canada and Lichtenstein

    The right to live, work and study without restriction

    • 28 EU countries

    Additional notes

    • No government donation – strictly an investment only program
    • No physical residency requirements
    • Investment to be held for only 3 years, other than a primary residence to the value of € 500,000 to be held inde nably
    • The property may be leased to generate rental revenue (Subject to VAT)
    * approximate time

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