Bank Account in the United Kingdom

We can assist with opening a bank account at the following banks:

  • HSBC
  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • Metro Bank PLC
  • Santander UK
  • Lloyds Bank PLC
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • International Payment Systems

Individual bank accounts:


  • Residence in the United Kingdom;
  • Personal presence during opening of the account.

Mandatory documents:

  • Passport;
  • Proof of address;
  • Evidence of the source of income.

Cost: £1000

Corporate bank account:


  • Director must be a resident in the United Kingdom;
  • Personal presence during opening of the account.

List of mandatory documents:

  • Corporate documents;
  • Passport and proof of address of the director and beneficiary;
  • Description of company’s activities;
  • Excerpts from corporate registries if the company has been operating for over a year (Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Incumbency).

Beneficial owner of the company may be a resident of any country. The chance of the bank account being opened is much higher where the corporate ownership structure is transparent.

Setting up an account usually takes from one to three weeks after all required documents have been provided and forms signed.

Cost: £2000

Bank accounts for individuals residing outside of the United Kingdom


  • Personal presence is obligatory;
  • Initial deposit of £50,000;
  • Account holder may be a citizen of any country.

List of mandatory documents:

  • Passport with a valid UK visa, demonstrating that the person is present in the UK legally;
  • Proof of address, for example a utility bill;
  • Proof of source of the funds, for example bank statements from which £50,000 will be transferred;
  • Tax number/identification in the country of residence.

Cost: £2000

Advantages of setting up a bank account in the United Kingdom

There are a certain number of advantages of having a bank account in the United Kingdom. Firstly, it explores a new set of opportunities for seeking potential business partners, makes the process of getting a loan easier, allows you to save and multiply your funds, and provides access to a wide range of financial services in the country with a stable economy and transparent government. Secondly, British banking system is one of the oldest financial systems in the world, therefore it is very resistant to any challenges of the world economy. It can be argued that many seek to open a bank account in the United Kingdom, which will allow making payment all over the world.

In the United Kingdom, banks and other financial institutions are strictly supervised by financial controller of this country. In the UK financial supervision is carried out by Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) together with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who conduct a dual control of financial institutions.

Oracle Capital Group cooperates with the most notable banks in the United Kingdom. Our professionals will choose the most suitable bank for you; assist you in the document preparations and collection processes; will obtain preliminary bank agreement for setting up an account and also will accompany you through the whole course until you receive your bank details. We offer services in opening checking and investment account for both personal and corporate usage.

Advantages of collaborating with Oracle Capital Group

Direct Connection with management of a bank

Exceptional conditions in opening accounts for our clients

Selection of the most appropriate bank

Communication in English and Russian languages

Assistance in preparation documents including filling the forms

Efficiency in client communication

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