So What IS a Family Office?


Oracle Capital Group was very proud to be named as “Family Office of the Year” for 2015 at the City of London Wealth Management Awards. This was high recognition by professionals in the wealth management field of Oracle Capital Group’s achievements. But a potential client looking for advice would be fully justified in posing the question: “What is a Family Office?”
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Real Estate Investments Crucial for Family Offices

A recent report has highlighted the important place of real estate investment for family offices. The Global Family Office Report 2015, issued by Campden Wealth Research, in conjunction with UBS, surveyed over 224 family offices in 37 different countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Principals and senior executives of family offices with an average of USD 806m of assets under management were questioned. Continue reading

London Leads Latest GFCI – But Asian Financial Centres Close the Gap

It is no coincidence that the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), published by the Z/Yen Group and sponsored by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority, has been released in Shenzhen, China. All of the financial centres on the Chinese mainland have performed well since the previous report six months ago, and Z/Yen believes that despite recent economic problems in China, this is a sign that the Chinese centres are becoming more competitive. Continue reading

Your Future, Your Success, Your Choice

Oracle Capital Group is a global independent multi-family office and wealth consultancy specialising in emerging markets.

Founded in 2002, Oracle Capital Group provides comprehensive, tailored and confidential services for high-net-worth individuals and their families, including investment advisory (through our offices in Switzerland and the Bahamas), wealth structuring and asset protection, asset financing and insurance, legal case management, property development, and concierge services.
Oracle Capital Group has 7 offices (Luxembourg, London, Geneva, Nassau, Moscow, Almaty and Limassol) and employs over 100 staff worldwide.

Providing services for HNW and UHNW individuals

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