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March Newsletter
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As we move into the second quarter of 2013 we would like to share with you, our valued clients and partners, the latest exciting news and events. This eNewsletter contains the report on Oracle Capital Advisory Board’s work regarding Corporate Governance and the announcement of an art exhibit co-sponsored by Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation and organised by the Foundation’s Chair - Lord Clanwilliam. There is also a brief report on the Oracle Capital Wine fund and on Oracle Capital Legal Management being featured in trade publications.
We hope you find this information useful and enlightening, and we encourage your comments, questions and suggestions.
Kind regards,
Yury Gantman
CEO, Oracle Capital Group
Oracle Capital Group established the Oracle Capital Advisory Board in 2012 in an effort to steer the group of companies through its next stage of growth and expansion. One way in which the Advisory Board has provided guidance is in the area of Corporate Governance. Martin Graham, Chairman of the Advisory Board, as well as recently appointed board member, Roger Munnings, CBE, have shared their wealth of expertise and are actively guiding Oracle Capital Group’s efforts to maintain a high level of corporate governance.

According to Mr. Graham: “Corporate Governance is the system through which a company is directed and controlled - the blueprint for how the company runs.... Corporate Governance provides a company with a clear strategy, focus and set of objectives and outlines the fundamental approach and guidelines for how to achieve those objectives.” Mr. Graham is advising Oracle Capital Group’s executives, managers and leaders on how to improve Corporate Governance while the group of companies continues to expand, and its roster of clients and services grows.

Mr. Munnings believes that Oracle Capital Group has a solid foundation and looks forward to working with the Advisory board to help continue to provide "sound, effective management of clients' affairs and wealth... with focus on understanding and meeting clients' needs."

Mr. Graham, the Advisory Board as well as the rest of Oracle Capital Group’s leadership team are committed to a high level of Corporate Governance in order to ensure that business objectives, the interests of clients and shareholders and the operations of Oracle Capital Group are always handled with highest standards of principles, ethics and accountability.
Oracle Capital Group has announced the appointment of Roger Munnings CBE to its Advisory Board. Mr. Munnings brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the Board.

Mr. Munnings’ distinguished career includes a successful tenure as Chairman and CEO of KPMG Russia/CIS Region from 1996 to 2008. He is a Member of the National Council on Corporate Governance, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian Union of Directors as well as Advisory Boards of the Russian National Orchestra and the Yekaterinburg Symphony.

Mr. Munnings is an Independent Director for two of Russia’s largest companies: JSFC Sistema and JSC SUEK. He is First Deputy Chairman of the Association of European Businesses in Russia and is Chairman of Wadswick Energy Limited in the UK.

In 2007, Mr. Munnings was awarded the CBE by HM The Queen. Mr. Munnings has an M.A. (Honours) in PPE from the University of Oxford and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Mr. Munnings joins the Oracle Capital Group (OCG) Advisory Board whose aim is to support OCG’s expansion and growth into new markets. The Advisory Board provides OCG’s Board of Directors with unparalleled expertise, insight and experience. The Board will help Oracle Capital Group to tap into new networks of business partners and clients, and support the Group in continuing to build credibility, relationships and a strong reputation in existing and new markets.
Oracle Capital Charitable Foundation’s Chairman, the Earl of Clanwilliam, is coordinating an art exhibition at Houghton Hall in Norfolk, home of the Marquis of Cholmondeley.

The exhibit is to present the Walpole Collection - a celebrated collection of old master paintings. Sir Robert Walpole was, the original owner of the collection, was England’s First Prime Minister. The collection was sold to Catherine the Great of Russia in 1779 and currently belong to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The Houghton Hall exhibit will bring these great works back to their original home for the first time in over two centuries. Nicholas Penny, the director of the National Gallery, and Charles Cator, chairman of Christie’s have joined the exhibition’s honorary committee.

“The Foundation is very excited to be co-sponsoring this historic art exhibition as part of its well-known and ongoing support for the arts, along with its other extensive network of grants to support education, health services and social development projects,” says Lord Clanwilliam.

We proudly invite our friends, partners and clients to this wonderful forthcoming exhibit. For those interested in attending the exhibition or any further details, please email us at:
Oracle Paradis Wine Fund is using its expertise, unique access to a global network of collectors and a proven track record in investments to pursue a highly desirable Investment Strategy. This Strategy is focused on creating a diversified portfolio which mitigates the risk of capital loss. The key to this diversified portfolio is having a high level of understanding and experience not just in business, but specifically a great knowledge of the classic Wine and Spirits market.

The traditional wine fund invests in classic Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. While this is a stable investment, there is a risk of the overall wine market going flat or perhaps even in a downward trajectory. Oracle Paradis Wine Fund and Oracle Paradis Rare Spirits Fund both plan to mitigate this risk by investing in rare collections and serious vintage spirits which their experts believe are undervalued and are set for significant increases in market value in the coming decade.

Oracle Paradis Wine Fund has invested not just in the traditional Bordeaux and Burgundy, but also in other classic French wine Regions such as Rhone and Champagne as well as world class wines from Italy and Spain. Additionally, they have investments in rare collectors wines such as early vintage port, 18th and 19th century Madeira and Imperial-era Tokaji. Oracle Paradis Rare Spirits invests in rare Cognac from the 18th and 19th centuries, rare Scotch Whiskies pre-1940, as well as other world class vintage spirits.

This diversified portfolio, compiled by experts in the wine and spirit market, is designed to offer discerning investors with opportunities in undervalued assets. Oracle Paradis actively trades in both the traditional and rare wine and spirit markets, thus giving investors an opportunity to preserve capital and gain revenue with unique and desirable assets.
Oracle Legal Case Management was launched this year by Oracle Capital Group. Dr. Yuri Rapoport is spearheading this new enterprise whose goal is to manage foreign clients’ legal needs in the UK.

Oracle Legal Case Management’s experts have found that many foreign clients lack a full understanding of the UK legal system, which is complicated further by differences in culture and language. Oracle Legal Case Management was founded in order to bridge that knowledge, language and cultural gap. This service will provide clients with expert intermediary assistance aimed at optimising legal case outcomes from a cost, timing and results perspective. Viewed in another way, OLCM is a “legal brokerage” which leverages its expertise in the legal world in order to provide foreign clients the best possible service.

The Business and Legal industry has taken notice of this, as it is the first firm of its kind in London. The Solicitors Journal - one of the most trusted sources of information for legal professionals in London - featured OLCM in a recent article. Spear’s - the award winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle media brand - also featured OLCM in its online magazine.

The article quotes a Partner at a prestigious London law firm: “Oracle Legal Case Management is a new concept; like most good ideas, it’s simple yet effective. Anything that promotes a raising of standards in the legal world must ultimately be a benefit to all of us.”
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