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September 2013 Issue

Dear Sir/Madam

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Oracle Capital Group Review.

This quarterly publication will offer what is, we hope, truly useful and practical advice on how to live your life to the fullest, as well as unique articles to simply pique your interest or entertain.

In this edition, we will give you inside knowledge on everything from financing a yacht purchase or buying property in London, to what the top 10 vintage spirits are.

All the information we share is backed up by the world-class experts here at Oracle Capital Group, so you know you’re getting the best advice – and that, if you want to learn more, we’re here to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yury Gantman
CEO, Oracle Capital Group

Purchasing a Yacht:
5 Steps to Get You Started

By Ross McLellan, Director of Wealth Garant (part of Oracle Capital Group)

With the economy showing tentative signs of growth, there’s renewed interest in the yacht market. Unfortunately, it is still a long way from returning to what it used to be. We’ve put together a short guide on how to finance purchasing a yacht - here’re five quick tips to get you started:

  1. Get your financing first. It’s advisable to have your financing in place before you shop for your yacht. This way you can focus on getting the best price.
  2. Be flexible on features. Be prepared to compromise, but only on the extra features that are not included on your need list.
  3. Ask questions. Be sure to understand what the seller has to offer and have them explain all figures presented to you.
  4. Be prepared to wait. Selling as well as buying a yacht is a big commitment, so have some patience with the seller.
  5. Get it in writing. Have the seller give you a quote with the price, terms, and options that are included in the deal.

You can read the full guide here ▶


Top 10 Vintage Spirits
from Oracle Paradis Wine Fund

By David Nathan-Maister, Director, Oracle Paradis Wine Fund.

Smart investing in quality wines is not just a good idea financially – it’s also attractive because of the romance and history associated with great vintages. But good returns and great stories are not the sole preserve of wines. Rare spirits can be just as good an investment, and just as interesting. To help you select your next investment (or next drink!), we’ve listed the top 10 vintage spirits here, with an example below to get you started.

  1. Cognac Grande Champagne de Reserve 1811
  2. A magnum of Cognac Vieux 1811
  3. Lafeuillade 1811
  4. The Oldest Known Cognac: Clos de Griffier Champagne Cognac 1738
  5. Vieux Cognac Clos de Griffier 1788, with the label of the Cafe Anglais.
  6. Janneau Grande Armagnac 1872.
  7. The Rarest Scotch whisky: Highland Park Reserve 1902, bottled by Berry Bros.
  8. Vieux Rhum Anglais 1830.
  9. Absinthe Pernod Fils "Garanti Fabriqué en 1913".
  10. 19th century Chartreuse Verte.

You can read the full guide here ▶


What You Need to Know About the UK Transparency Bill.

By Corporate Services Department of Oracle Capital Group

The UK Corporate and Individual Tax and Financial Transparency Bill, which was published in July this year, brings in to force a number of significant new obligations – and extends many of these obligations to Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories that operate as tax havens. As a result, in all such territories all companies will (for example) be required to identify their beneficial owners and advise that ownership to the local money laundering regulatory authority.

You can learn more about this important development here ▶

The Art of Time Management

By John Bird, Managing Director at Ashton Rose Concierge (part of Oracle Capital Group)

Impeccable time management and personal approach to the customer's needs, these are the main principles of the lifestyle management, going to replace the usual concierge service.

Over the last decade we have been observing a clear trend: increase of the number of family offices, offering lifestyle management services. What is the reason for it? In my view, it is quite simple: for a modern HNWI time is becoming one of the most valuable assets. So anything that helps to manage this increasingly scarce and expensive resource in the most efficient way starts to be in high demand, which produces an adequate offer.

It was the idea of providing professional assistance with regards to a wide range of topics, from making restaurant reservations and purchasing tickets to a world star concert to searching for an appropriate doctor or school for children from wealthy families, which originally gave birth to the concierge service.

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A new type of structure for use in offshore wealth preservation programmes: Introducing The Bahamas Executive Entity.

By Svetlana Ryabokon, Head of Wealth Structuring and Fiduciary Services
at Oracle Capital Group

The ‘Bahamas Executive Entity’ (‘BEE’) is a new type of structure for use in offshore wealth preservation programmes. A BEE can be the solution to clients' concerns regarding who should be the decision makers within their wealth structures. A BEE is a perpetual entity designed specifically and solely to carry out executive functions. It is, therefore, ideal to act as shareholder of a Private Trustee Company ("PTC") or as a Protector, Enforcer, Advisory Board or corporate director.

You can read more about the benefits of a BEE, as well as a case study of its use, here ▶


London Real Estate Market Overview, Summer 2013.

By Inessa Falina, Head of Property Services, Ashton Rose (part of Oracle Capital Group)

London has long been the leading choice to live for high-net-worth-individuals around the world, and according to a recent study, the city once again ranks first in attracting wealthy people with incomes of €23 million and above. The 20 most expensive streets to buy property in the UK are located in London, with first place going to Kensington Palace Gardens, with an average price of a house here reaching £36,066,148.

You can read the full report and learn more about the London real estate market here ▶

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