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Oracle Capital Group Review
November 2013

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In this edition, we will give you inside knowledge on shopping in London, how to lower your legal bill, UK tax regulation and many more.

  1. Immigrating to the UK? 5 tax issues you might not have considered
  2. High value insurance – what are the greatest risks?
  3. Division of property in marital disputes: beware the corporate structure
  4. Five ways to lower your legal bill
  5. Knowing us knowing you: Identity checks - why we ask
  6. How to choose a great cognac
  7. Making the most of London’s luxury shopping opportunities
  8. London property market report

Immigrating to the UK?
5 tax issues you might not have considered

Relocating to the UK from other jurisdictions is an area which Oracle Capital Group advises its clients on very regularly. One of the most important issues to take into account is your tax liability – what type of tax you have to pay, and how you should pay it. Here we highlight some of the key points to consider to ensure you comply with the UK’s tax regulations – but also to ensure that you do not pay too much tax. In summary:

  1. Your tax status is dependent on a number of different factors – not just your residency
  2. There are three main types of UK taxes
  3. UK income is always subject to UK income tax
  4. You might have to pay UK Inheritance Tax on your foreign assets
  5. You could benefit from double taxation treaties

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High value insurance – what are the greatest risks?

Before that humbling day when your home is unexpectedly breached and you are involuntarily relieved of your art collection, jewellery and vintage car, it’s worth remembering what your home insurance doesn’t cover.

UK citizens and expatriates alike are putting their faith in London’s heritage as the biggest market for high value insurance, but when it comes to finding an insurance policy that suits you, it is worth remembering that more than the face value of your valuables will be under consideration.

Ross McLellan, Director of Wealth Garant, a financial solutions provider and division of Oracle Capital Group, describes the factors you should consider when protecting the assets you keep at home:

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Division of property in marital disputes: beware the corporate structure

Placing properties into various corporate structures is often a technique used for reducing tax and streamlining succession planning. However, as a recent court case has illustrated, such structures will no longer necessarily protect your assets from matrimonial claims. In order to avoid finding yourself in a similar position, individuals placing their assets into corporate structures should ensure that these structures are properly maintained and appropriate corporate formalities put in place in order to safeguard the assets held there.

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Five ways to lower your legal bill

You will consistently hear lawyers insisting that they always put their client’s interests first, but when it comes to billing this is not always the case. Even when working on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis for HNW individuals, often the underlying truth is that with “no fee, nobody cares.”

Oracle Capital Group’s in-house Legal Case Management team, Yuri Rapoport and Alexander Lapidus, offers the following advice:

  1. Be proactive
  2. Don't fall for big high-street brands
  3. Don’t be passive: negotiate on price
  4. Consider financing solutions
  5. Monitor and control your legal costs

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Identity Check

Knowing us knowing you: Identity checks - why we ask

KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a compliance practice undertaken when on-boarding each and every client at Oracle Capital Group. Whilst performing KYC is a time consuming process, Oracle does not take shortcuts since only through such practice it can ensure that both its business and its clients’ interests are protected.

Although the concept of KYC checks is not entirely new, it is only following the 9/11 terrorist attacks that advanced compliance practises were established by governments worldwide aimed at identifying current and future criminal financing activity, such as money laundering, financial fraud etc, which could be linked to terrorism.

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How to choose a great cognac

Choosing the right cognac in an expensive restaurant can be a little intimidating, while choosing the wrong one can be an expensive disappointment. Which one to choose? Follow these three simple rules:

  1. Choose smaller producers rather than the ‘Big Four’.
  2. Choose a plain old-fashioned looking bottle over an exotic cut crystal decanter.
  3. Choose a cognac from a named region, especially “Grande Champagne”.

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Making the most of London’s luxury shopping opportunities

Renowned as one of the world’s fashion capitals, London has always been an extremely popular shopping destination. We have collated five of the best shopping destinations which prove to be consistently popular with our clients.

  1. Hermès (155 New Bond Street , W1S 2UA)
  2. Zilli (140 New Bond St, W1S 2TW)
  3. Alexander McQueen (4-5 Old Bond St, W1S 4PD)
  4. Harrods by Appointment ( 87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7XL)
  5. Loro Piana (47-48 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, SW1X 9LU)

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London property market report: strong demand for residential property prompts redevelopment of some unusual buildings

Property prices in London remain strong, having risen 10% since January this year. Much of this is driven by demand from foreign investors, with Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern buyers the most active investors of all. Here we take a look a closer look at the attractions of the London property market, including its most desirable addresses and some of the more unusual types of real estate currently being developed to cope with demand.

You can read the full report here ▶

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