Alternative Investment

Oracle Paradis Wine Fund

The Fine Wine market has remained a strong investment option over the last several years, even as other and more traditional markets have faltered. Knowledgeable investors are able to take advantage of the market’s limited supply and high demand. Oracle Paradis Wine Fund Limited will use its expertise and experience to provide a structured investment targeting medium to long term capital growth.

Oracle Paradis will invest in Fine Wines from established producers. The Fund will take a diversified approach, aiming for a balanced portfolio which spreads risk across classic wines and vintages, and focusing investment on vintages which offer high potential for capital growth.

Investors in the Fund will enjoy several benefits. Oracle Paradis Wine Fund is tax efficient and transparent. One of the competitive advantages of the Fund is that it is managed by established wine industry professionals with the highest level of expertise and successful track records. In addition, all wines held by the Fund are stored at London City Bond, the finest long-term wine cellarage in the UK ensuring both perfect security and an ideal maturation environment.

Modern Art

Investments in Fine Arts

After the success of our joint projects with Christies auctioneers and the exhibition of treasures from the Hermitage Museum at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, Oracle Capital Group are pleased to announce a new venture – investment in Fine Art.

The fine art market is enjoying unprecedented growth at present and we are pleased to be able to offer our clients investment in various sectors of this vibrant market. From the very top to the lower end of the scale, both Western and Russian. The investment side will be covered by specialists with 25 years of experience of spotting growth areas or of investing in specific paintings. Oracle Capital Group will likewise help with the formation of collections of specific areas of Western and Russian Art.

All paintings purchased through our specialists will come with be accompanied by detailed provenance and exhibition history and a guarantee of authenticity.

Disclaimer: Regulated Financial services of Oracle Capital Group are provided through Machlin-Oracle Limited.

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